Three women chat about one-night stands — from how many they’ve had to how men treated them

SHE has had multiple high-profile romances – but Cheryl Tweedy admits she has never had a one-night stand.

The 35-year-old singer has always been guarded about her love life, and even surprised herself by her admission, saying: “Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that!” A recent survey revealed two-thirds of us have had a one-night-only fling.

Cheryl, 35, admits she has never had a one-night stand – but would you have it?
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But what makes some of us more up for casual sex, and others reject no-strings arrangements?

We meet three single women who reveal their views and share their experiences.

‘Casual sex is empowering – I feel like a boss’

LIV Kirby says one-night stands are all part of being single in 2018. The 29-year-old who works in PR, from Chelsea, West London, has had 50 and believes they have boosted her confidence.

She says: “If a woman wants a one-night stand then why the hell not? For me, every time I’ve had them I’ve felt great ­afterwards.

Liv, 29, has had 50 one-night stands and no-strings flings make her feel like a female boss
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“I’ve been in two long-term relationships in the last eight years – one for five years and the other for two.

“While I love regular sex with someone I care about, I also love the thrill of a one-nighter when I’m single.

“It’s nice to have sex even if you’re not dating. It takes me a while to be happily single after a break-up, but when I’ve been out and enjoyed flirting with a guy, I like the opportunity to be intimate without worrying about whether there is anything long term.

“It’s empowering to have casual sex – I actually feel a bit of a female boss thing going on knowing I don’t want any more than that.

Liv has ‘never had any bad experiences with one-night stands’ but understands it’s not for everyone

“I’ve never had any bad experiences with one-night stands. As long as you keep safe and use protection I see no problem.

“If someone doesn’t like the idea of a one-night stand I can respect that too – it’s not for everyone.

“But for me, being single and knowing I don’t have to wait to reach date number four before having sex is much more freeing than putting pressure on myself to find a guy I could see a future with just to have a bit of fun in bed.

“It’s amazing getting to be intimate with different people, who all like different sex and have different styles. Regular sex is a great workout too, both physically and mentally.

“I’d hate to have to give that up.”

‘Intimacy should be earned over time, not on the first night’

SINGLE Gemma Pell, 25, has never had a one-night stand and says she never intends to. The motivational speaker, from Brentwood, Essex, cannot imagine sleeping with someone she knows nothing about.

She says: “I’m just not attracted to the idea of sex with a stranger.

Gemma, 25, has never had an one-night stand nor does she intend to – she doesn’t want to expose herself to a complete stranger
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“Typically one-night stands involve meeting someone in a bar or at a party and hooking up that night.

“You know nothing about that person, what their character is like, what they enjoy in bed.

“You are exposing yourself to a complete stranger, which goes against everything I think sex is about.

“I think sex and intimacy should be earned.

Intimacy and sex should be earned, Gemma, who is spiritual, believes – but doesn’t judge the choices of others

“You get to know the person, you find out things about them, and start with a kiss, rather than straight into the bedroom on the first night. I’d rather not have sex than have it with someone just as a one-off.

“I am a spiritual person and I can fall for someone quickly, so I wouldn’t want to put myself in a situation where I feel I’ve opened up to someone and they just see me as sex.

“I just feel I should respect my body more than allowing someone I don’t know to touch it.

“Everyone I have slept with I’ve either been in a relationship with, or have been dating.

“I don’t judge people who have had one-night stands – it’s just not for me.

“People are so blase about sex these days, but I think you should take the time to get to know who it is you are sleeping with before jumping into bed.”

‘A good night without worry of emotional attachment’

BRYONY Shaw, 29, has had 12 one-night stands. The waitress and mum of three from Newark, Notts, loves being in relationships but enjoys the freedom of casual sex when she is single.

She says: “I had my first one-night stand when I was 19. I’d ­broken up with a boyfriend of three years and never dreamed of having casual sex.

Bryony, 29, says controlling men knocked her sexual confidence – but finding enjoyment in casual sex  changed her
Olivia West Commissioned by the Sun

“I went on a night out and when I got chatting to a guy and we kissed, I felt like I had this weird new freedom, thinking, “Oh my god, I can sleep with this guy tonight.”

“I went back to his, we had sex, and the next morning I left. I remember walking home feeling lighter than air – that I’d had good sex but didn’t have to worry about an emotional attachment.

“In past relationships I’ve fallen for quite controlling men and that knocked my sexual confidence. I thought one-night stands would leave me feeling a bit empty but once I found an enjoyment in casual sex, I changed.

“I use dating apps to meet people and usually like dating to try to find people I like.

“In the past I’ve allowed myself to fall in love quickly, but now I know it’s not worth wasting my time unless I really feel a connection with the right guy.

Some one-night stand guys demand sex straight off the bat, some want a nice night first, and others want to make a nice goodbye breakfast in the morning

“How a man treats you on a one-night stand is indicative of what they will be like long term.

“Some guys are rude and demand sex straight off the bat, some want a nice night first and then sex, and others want sex but also to make a nice goodbye breakfast in the morning.

“Sometimes I should be more careful with protection, but I don’t worry too much.”


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