TikTok users blown away by hack that shows the ‘right’ way to flip a grilled cheese

TikTok users were blown away by a hack that shows the “right” way to flip a grilled cheese.

The hack was shared by user @donnabonnana – and had people dubbing it a “game changer.”


A TikToker shared a hack for the ‘right’ way to flip a grilled cheese[/caption]


The hack involves flipping the pan on top of the grilled cheese[/caption]

The TikToker said in the description that she learned the tip from her husband, Patrick.

“My husband was excited…he said you should do one of those ‘i was today year’s old…’ videos and show them how i flip my grilled cheese sandwiches.”

In the trick, her husband put his spatula under his grilled cheese and picked it up.

Rather than flipping the grilled cheese over, however, he picked up the pan.


After lifting the spatula, he flipped the pan on top of the grilled cheese[/caption]


He then turned the sandwich over with the pan in one quick move[/caption]

He then turned the pan upside down, and on top of the grilled cheese.

Holding the grilled cheese to the pan, he then turned both of them over in one seamless move.

The trick had TikTok users going wild.

“I never once considered that flipping the pan was an option…I see the world differently now,” one person commented.

“But this…is a game changer! This principle could be used for eggs too…the possibilities are endless,” another person wrote.

Another person commented: “this literally made a lightbulb turn on in my head than u.”


He flipped the grilled cheese seamlessly and with no mess[/caption]

“He is living in the year 3000,” one person said.

One person advised caution if you use oil in the pan, as flipping it over and getting it on an open flame could be a hazard.

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