TK Maxx slammed for selling a jacket for three-year-olds with sex and drugs slogans

TK MAXX has been slammed for selling a coat for three-year-olds bearing slogans about sex, drugs and guns.

Parents were appalled by lewd phrases on the lining of the pink puffer jacket.

David Dyson – The Sun

Mum Krishma Parent, 33, was horrified to find the jacket at TK Maxx in Kew, South London[/caption]

They include “phone sex”, “69”, “sex + drugs + hip + hop”, “bang bang your (sic) dead”, “pistol” and “looking after number one”.

The fashion chain is selling the coat — made for kids as young as three — for £29.99.

Krishma Patel, 33, almost bought one for her three-year-old daughter at TK Maxx in Kew, South London.

She said: “It just looked like a lovely pink jacket with a big furry hood, perfect for winter.


TK Maxx says the jacket, posed by model aware of the offensive phrases, has been removed from all stores[/caption]

David Dyson – The Sun

Lewd phrases on the jacket for children as young as three include ‘sex’, ‘raw power’ and ‘bang bang your dead’[/caption]

“I was about to pay when I noticed the word ‘sex’ in massive letters on the inside.

“I looked closer and noticed all these references to sex, drugs and guns. It’s in a graffiti style mixed with pictures so I didn’t notice straight away.

“The reference to ‘phone sex’ and ‘69’ on a toddler’s winter coat is disgusting. My husband and I were horrified.”

The coat is made by fashion house Richmond. Social psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley said: “This was a very, very badly judged product.”

David Dyson – The Sun

Krishma Patel, 33, almost bought the jacket at TK Maxx when she noticed the word ‘sex’ in the jacket’s lining[/caption]

David Dyson – The Sun

TK Maxx say they ‘deeply regret that we did not identify this design before it was sent to stores’[/caption]

A spokesman for TK Maxx said: “We regret that we did not identify this design before it was sent to stores.

“We have already initiated a process to remove these coats from our stores, and are reviewing how we inadvertently purchased them.

“We’d like to apologise for any concern this may have caused.”


By Joely Chilcott, Fabulous Daily Editor

THIS jacket is outrageous — how did it get the go-ahead?

Having “sex’’, “drugs’’ and “69’ on a three year-old’s coat is irresponsible by the designer, manufacturer, buyer and retailer.

Fortunately, TK Maxx are already pulling these coats.

Thanks goodness for that.



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