Toddler twins die after falling in pool ‘when babysitter left them alone for a few moments while she answered the front door’

A PAIR of “happy” toddler twins tragically died after falling into a swimming pool while their babysitter answered the front door, police have said.

Elijah “Eli” Orejuela and his sister Elyssa, were rushed to hospital last Friday after they were found in the pool in West Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.


Elijah, left, and his sister Elyssa died after falling into a swimming pool in Tennessee[/caption]

Elyssa was pronounced dead shortly after she arrived while her brother clung to life until Sunday before he passed away.

The babysitter said after another child arrived at the home about 10am local time, she began looking around for the twins and found them in the deep end of the pool.

Their father Enrique Orejuela told WKYT: “They are happy babies. There wasn’t a moment that my kids ever knew sadness or heartbreak.

“My kids are always happy. Anybody and everybody who’s ever known my kids knew they are goofballs and mischievous. Sunshine to any cloudy days.”

The house in Tennessee where the children fell into the swimming pool[/caption]

Two friends of the family, Erin Fielden and Jennifer Stewart, have started a GoFundMe to raise money for Enrique and and his wife Amelia to help with funeral expenses and medical bills.

It was reported the address where the tragedy took place was operating as a day care centre.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office said: “The drowning incident at a West Knox County residence that resulted in the death of a girl Friday morning has now claimed the life of her twin brother.

“The two toddlers would have been two-years-old in August.

“The babysitter looked for the twins after the arrival of another child and found them in the deep end of the pool unresponsive.

“More details will be released during the ongoing investigation.”

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