Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and John Major meet with European leaders in secret plot to keep Britain in the EU

TONY Blair, Nick Clegg and John Major have been working on a diplomatic mission to stop Brexit, it has been reported.

The two former Prime Ministers and former Deputy Prime Minister have meet with senior politicians in Europe in bid to persuade them to stop the UK leaving the European Union.

Nick Clegg has met senior European politicians in a bid to thwart Brexit
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They have also been working with other prominent Remainers Peter Mandelson.

The mission was begun by Mr Clegg independently but has taken on the role of informal co-ordinator of the group, The Guardian reported.

In recent weeks Clegg he met Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister and the foreign policy team of the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

He has also met senior German politicians including Bundestag president Wolfgang Schäuble and Peter Altmeier, the German economics minister.

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Tony Blair said the issue of immigration had to be concerned[/caption]

Last week Blair met senior politicians in Germany and Austria and Italy’s new interior minister, Matteo Salvini as well as the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

Both have said they would be looking for Article 50 to be extended to a deal can be struck to remain in the EU that addresses concerns about immigration.

John Major is also in among the group of prominent Remainers
Elliott Franks

“The aim of the visits is to persuade EU leaders that British politics has made the option of remaining inside the EU viable,” said Mr Clegg.

“It is a question of pressing them to keep open the extension of the article 50 process beyond the March deadline to give UK negotiators more time including to prepare legislation on a people’s vote.

“We cannot just turn the clock back to just before the 2016 referendum.

“There would have to be some changes of freedom of movement – we cannot just put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

Mr Blair, who met Barnier on 18 July, said the main focus of his meetings was discuss a new common approach to immigration in the UK and EU.

“You cannot deal with this Brexit issue unless you deal with the questions of immigration and the anxieties that gave rise to it,” he said.

At a meeting on Wednesday night in Salzburg, Austria, Theresa May will have a chance to try to persuade other EU leaders to adopt her Chequers plan to for the future relationship with Brussels.

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