Top 10 biggest PDF of the mythology, hello beautiful swelling

What is good with mythology, is that it makes us a little reminiscent of Games of Thrones and worse. It is filled with sex, murder, and, it must be said, there is a good variety of garbage. So much the better, because otherwise we would be le.

1. Theseus

Ariadne betrays her family to follow Theseus, who promises him to marry her. Except that it abandons him on an island and ends up marrying her sister. So-saying that he ” missed “. It has also caused accidentally the death of his father. Like what, we can defeat the Minotaur and be a nice swelling.

2. Zeus

Zeus is a god who is a little nympho who has a primary occupation of cheating on his wife with the whole Earth (which not a lot of people that it was a violation). We often speak of his wife, Hera, who begins to rot, severe mistresses, and the lovers of her husband, but we forget that when Hera was baited on them, he has not done much to get out of the shit.

3. Agamemnon

Agamemnon has sacrificed his own daughter to go to war against Troy (all of this to get back his sister-in-law, but you know, it is super canon…). Not only the guy has one hell of a melon, but in addition, it brings back tranquillou home his last mistress in a date. I tell you not the head of his wife, who was finished off by the murder fissa in his bathtub, and it was well done to him.

4. Atreus

Atreus is the father of Agamemnon, and he was not really more likable. He has enjoyed using his twin Thyeste fucks his wife Érope. Atreus is, therefore, to murder the children of his brother, the kitchen to the kettle and made him eat. In the passage, Thyeste woohoo with her own daughter, because of incest, it is nice. A charming man this small Atreus, with which you don’t want to go to dinner.

5. Medea

Not gonna lie, Medea is a beautiful slut. But it is the kind of character that we love. She has left everything to live of love and fresh water with Jason. Except that, after children, Jason the cast to marry the princess of Corinth. Medea is, therefore, went maraver the princess, and to rot her ex, she has also murdered their own children.

6. Cronos

Cronos was not very tolerable. Already, he killed his father after he cut off the testicles. Then, he had found a very effective way for not having children : it ate them. Except that his wife (who was also his sister, hello mental illness) was a little bit ras the ass and finally make him swallow a stone instead of his kid, the little Zeus. Which went to assassinate dad.

7. Apollo

It is beautiful, it is big, it drops the panties of all the Greeks, but it is rather likely and it has killed a lot of people. It is flaying Marsyas, just because the gentleman had said that he played a better flute than him. It was still a bit of a stretch, especially as the flute is crap. Apollo has a great special : the gift was poisoned. Kind of thing you seems incredible but in fact, it’ll rot life. Conclusion : does not invite Apollo to your birthday.

8. Hélène

Sometimes it is the women who cheat on their husbands. So Helen was married to Menelaus, but she decided to break with Paris. Some will say that it is because of Aphrodite, but we think it’s just a bitch. In short, this whole mess will trigger a big war. Helen would have been able to return to her home to calm down the game, but madame prefers to remain calm in Troy, while everyone else is slaughtered. And at the end, as she is super nice, everyone forgave him, and she goes quiet in it.

9. Tantalum

Tantalum has given his son to feed the gods. Like this, just to see if they could recognize the human meat. The wrong he has done because he has taken a rouste divine and went straight sent into the Tartare. Well done.

10. Ulysses

Everyone loves Odysseus because he is the hero of the Odyssey, he is tall, handsome, intelligent and he loves his wife. We forget a little bit faster than mr. went for the children to Circe and Calypso, while his lovely wife Penelope was waiting faithfully by knitting for the past 20 years.

Conclusion : always ask the origin of the meat.

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