Top 10 things that may surprise the French who landed for the 1st time in Tokyo

The Country of the Rising Sun, this is a destination that slap ! But beware, Japan is not only sushi, pokemons and hentais (but if you know very well what you are talking about, little pig). Seen from Paris, it was full of ideas about Tokyo and its inhabitants. Forget it right away, and that’s assuming you don’t know anything. Tokyo, it is a discovery at the minute, and your first impressions will not necessarily be those that you expected. But with this top, we will try to give thee a small idea.

1. Beverage dispensers everywhere

This is THE thing that you can’t miss it. There are absolutely everywhere, and these distributors are full of stuff coo coo : soda melon, Fanta grape, drink taste whipped cream. But mostly there are hot AND cold drinks, they also in a can or bottle, not sippy cup plastic shabby. You can get also on a machine with the category of ” surprise “, where you have a drink at random.

2. The lack of public trash cans

The streets of Tokyo are clean, so that there is no trash. What is this miracle ? It’s just that unlike us, Tokyoïtes are not big pigs, and keep their waste in a small bag that they throw away once they got home. One exception : next to vending machines, to sort cans and bottles.

3. The salarymen all stuffed

If you débarques in the evening for the first time in Japan, and that you take the metro, there are great chances that you come across a specimen of this category. The salaryman often ends her day with a business dinner, or between colleagues. Result : suits-ties all drunk in the subway and the streets, until to let go of a fox, or fall asleep anywhere. There’s even a tumblr that is devoted to them.

4. The Japanese speak little English…

Even if it has a tendency to improve, the Japanese, in general, speak few foreign languages. So, in order to be understood, must not be shy, and don’t be afraid to mimic what you want. Of all ways, if a(e) Japanese(e) speaks English, there are big chances for it to come to you, that gives him an opportunity to practice the language of Shakespeare (that is lived).

5. … but their kindness has no borders

This is not because they don’t speak your language that Tokyoïtes are going to spend their way if you need help. They will always make everything possible for you to understand them, and with the smile besides. It’s a bit like if they gave themselves the mission to make a return of service. It is sure that it changes to Paris.

6. The cherry blossoms

If you have the chance to explore Japan in the spring, you will see the blooming of sakura, cherry trees ornamental japanese. You’ll find out that these cherry trees are not only in parks but almost everywhere in the city. And as you say, a sakura flower in the middle of a street of concrete and glass, it is a heavenly vision. Not less.

7. The width in the subway and on the train

Our subways French look tiny next to it ! The underground trains in japan are laaarges. But kind really. If you extend your legs, your feet won’t touch those of the guy in front of you for example. That’s also true for the Shinkansen (the high-speed nippon). Good at the same time, it is necessary to make it fit 13.5 million Tokyoïtes in, then it is safe to be put somewhere…

8. The chow, the chow, the chow

The food stalls are legion in Tokyo. Especially if you are walking on the side of the neighborhood traditional (but very touristic) of Asakusa. Prepare your small change, because it is a true festival of smells delicious and it is almost impossible to resist. If you don’t speak japanese, you do not know probably not what you comic, but you’ll have nothing to fuck so it smells good.

9. The mania of the calculator

Each purchase, the merchant japanese te shows the amount on a calculator. Not a cash register, a calculator like the one you had at school. This is not a trick for the tourists, huh, it is all the time. It is quite amazing to see that in this country, a symbol of the latest technology, are used everywhere from small calculators. But hey, everyone has their little habits, after all.

10. The signs in French (or almost)

This is not a legend, the Japanese love France. So, they put the French words everywhere, but not always as it should be. It is so common that it has a name : the franponais, and there is also a site that lists these small beads. In all kindness, of course, because being so gets off by people as cool as the Japanese, this is the class.

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