Top 10 cities with the most hipsters of Europe, those where we can pay 12 € coffee if you want to

The website MoveHub has conducted a survey to determine what were the cities the most hispters of the world. Their study took into account a number of parameters weighted index, the image and the number of persons declaring themselves vegan, the number of workshops with tattoos, vintage boutiques and coffee shops per 100,000 inhabitants. This index has crowned Brighton city hispter of the earth. And, therefore, of Europe.

1. Brighton


Go learn how Brighton has managed to become the city with the most hipster of the world. It’s a bit like saying that Vichy, or Saint-Valery-en-Caux were the cities with the most hipsters of Europe. When we see the atmosphere of Chinese Take Out and this panorama, we would not have believed it.

2. Lisbon


It is true that if the hipsterisme is proportional to the amount of pasteis de nata km2, it is logical that Lisbon, the capital of the pastel de nata, ranks well.

4. Bordeaux


Since all the hipsters parisiens have decided to become bordeaux, Bordeaux has ceased to be a normal city to become hipsterland, a kind of eleventh arrondissement of Paris is even more expensive. Congratulations to all for this mutation well lousy.

6. Zurich

I am like you, me, I celebrated pretty hard for the title of world champion. Then is necessary to recognize that after you’ve spent 5 minutes procrastiner to avoid having to look stuff funny to say about Zurich, I decided to throw in the towel and say nothing at all about Zurich because I do not know Zurich, that I don’t care for the Swiss-Germans because I’m French and we are the champions and that too bad, you won’t mind.


7. Tampere

A second agglomeration of Finland and totally unknown to the battalion, Tampere tempers his lack of celebrity by the name funny and many coffee shops. It is also the capital of rock in finland, which probably explains the link with the hipsterisme.


9. Oslo


If Oslo is behind Helsinki and Tampere, it is very likely because Norway, it became super mainstream.

Paris is 49th. For info.

Source : Movehub

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