Top 15 photos of prisons around the world, the history of compare

The prison is one of the tricks of the most stupid ever invented to ensure the security of States and of their population, but it does not mean that it is better to be jailed in some places than in others. Kind, if you want to commit crimes, do so rather in Northern Europe than in the Philippines.

1. The prison minimum security of Bastoy, Norway

2. The prison of Luzira, Uganda

3. The prison for women San Diego, Cartagena, Colombia

4. The prison luxury Norgerhagen, the netherlands

5. The prison of Ciudad Barrios, el Salvador

6. The civil prison in Haiti

7. The Maula prison in Malawi

8. The penitentiary of Virginia

9. The Champ-Dollon prison, Geneva

10. The detention centre Addiewell, Scotland

11. The japanese prison of Onomichi

12. The prison of Quezon City, Philippines

13. The detention centre of Otago, New Zealand

14. The prison of Bois d’arcy

15. The prison Raimondo Vidal Pessoa Manaus, Brazil

Gives not want any of it.

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