Top 29+ ideas and tips for making money on the internet

Top 29+ ideas and tips for making money on the internet

This is the crisis it seems, so why not put some butter on your spinach ? Especially today, there are a lot of websites and services to allow you to earn “easy” few euros in pajamas in front of your screen, like a big lazy. To avoid scams, you are given a selection (not exhaustive) of our favorite solutions:

Top 29+ ideas and tips for making money on the internet

Rent a property

1. rent their apartment or house Airbnb

Because you often go on weekend business trip, or when you have a property that you are used very rarely, this option is for you !! Airbnb is assured of winning the dosh without taking risks.

Rent his apartment / her home : Airbnb

Polls, Surveys Consumers

2. Judgment, answer surveys, do consumer testing

Share your opinion on brands or products and win prizes, gift vouchers or sometimes cash.

Our favorite sites : MySurvey , Nielsen , Gaddin , Toluna , I-Say , TNS Sofres and Your Opinion

3. Become a mystery shopper

You are given missions (in-store purchase, airplane trip, etc …) and you get paid for you to give your opinion on your experience.

Our favorite sites : Multi-Value , Job Investigator , Qualivox and Reflection Client

Online Games, sports Paris

4. Play small free online games

Winning (not much) to have fun , it’s possible.

Our favorite sites : GooPrize , Buzzville , WinsPark and ScratchMania

5. Playing contests

100% of winners tried their luck

Contests of the moment : My New Smartphone , Game Maxi Special , Largest range products .

6. Playing poker or casino games

Warning to addiction !

Our favorite sites : PokerStars , Winamax , and Everest Poker .

7. Playing sports paris

Same, care to addiction !

Our favorite sites : BetClick , Bwin , PMU , etc …

8. Play the lotto and other games of chance

Reference website: FDJ .

spending wisely

9. Take advantage of cashback deals

The cashback is to recover a percentage of the amount of your cash purchases (between 1 and 5% in general).

Our favorite cashback sites : eBuyClub , iGraal and Poulpeo , Swagbucks

10. Use price comparison sites

Before you buy online, remember to check that there are no cheaper elsewhere.

GPs comparators : Google Shopping (fullest), Kelkoo , Twenga , i-comparator , Idealo and LeGuide .

The Travel comparators (airline tickets, hotels, …): Kayaking , Liligo , Hipmunk , etc … ( see our top )

The comparators banks and financial products : France Transactions , Panorabanques , I Change , etc … ( read our top )

The insurance and mutual comparators : Assurland , Lynx , I change , etc …

The comparators of mobile and Internet packages : Best Mobile , Choose package , All Packages , etc …

Gasoline price comparators : Zagaz , Carbeo , or that of the government … or Highway Eco choose the cheapest route.

11. Use coupons and promotional codes

Before paying, remember to check if there are no coupon codes to reduce the bill for a few euros. Attention is rarely compatible with the cashback.

Our favorite coupon codes sites : Discount Codes , My Reduct , Wikio Shopping , etc … or simply Google (query “promo code” + merchant’s name).

Earn money through advertising

12. Create a website with advertising

Some blog platforms allow you to make money with your blog (like Overblog ), otherwise, if you have hands on your site, the simplest and most effective service remains Google adSense .We recommend the book ” Making Money with a Blog »

13. Recommend products and services

Many affiliate networks allow you to get money if you recommend a product / service and the user buys behind.

Our affiliate platforms favorite : TradeDoubler , Awin , Commission Junction , NetAffiliation , affilinet , Affilae etc .. ( read our top )

14. Make videos

Stream videos (original), and be paid according to the number of views.

The best platforms to distribute its videos : Youtube (what else?) And DailyMotion .

15. Watching advertising

Some websites : Publi Addict

16. Display advertising on his car

Some websites : Movin pub , Carlogo or Makadz .

Sell ​​your talents (and time)

17. Sell your skills as a freelance

For developers : , Odesk

For graphic : 99 designs , wilogo

For other : Fiverr , Crowd Factory , …

18. Write, translate or correct content

Whether you are a journalist, freelance, bilingual or single expert, you can write any kind of subjects.

Some websites : Edit Place , Text-Master , Ze Village , …

19. Sell your photos / videos

You have a real talent as a photographer, or you just photographed a people / events that could make the A? Sell ​​your picture!

Quelques sites :Shoot News, Citizen Side, Fotolia, iStockphoto, etc…

20. Sell your papers, studies, dissertations, etc …

Whether you are a student or not, you can sell the documents you have written!

Some websites : Oboulo , AcaDemon , OODoc , Edooc , etc …

21. Resell what you do not want

You can expect the annual empty attic of your town, but between us is not really what is faster. These are all essential practical solutions (and safe) to sell all the things you want to separate.

To sell his property : Le Bon Coin , eBay , PriceMinister , …

22. To sell its concert tickets / show / train

Viagogo , zePass

other tracks

23. Try renting between people

Around you, people need a helping hand (DIY, gardening, tutoring, etc ..) or hardware. Why not help them against a little money? Another question: you have a free room in your apartment, or you are going on holiday soon? So you have additional potential revenue. There are sites that allow you to offer your services or consulting service requests.

Rent its objects : Zilok , E-Loue

Rent a car in particular : OuiCar , Drivy

Rent a space in his garage / attic : co-locating , Ouistock , jestocke

Rent his parking : Mobypark , Mr. Parking , Parkadom , Shared parking

24. Offer of other services

Become Driver : Uber , Private driver

Become Paperboy / bicycle courier : Deliveroo , Take Eat Easy , Take Eat Easy

Carpooling : Carpooling free , BlaBlaCar

Propose dinners / cooking lessons at home : VizEat , Do you want dinner?

Submit his craft services / works : Needelp , Hello Casa

Make hairdresser at home : Good Cut , The Hair Cut

Baby-sitting / babysitting : Kid Sitter , Nanny Top

That’s already some ideas of what you can find on the web … go to work!

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