Top 4 dishes the most instagrammables of the summer

Instagram is the den of foodies who share with us their meals. Entry, dish, dessert, anything goes : the trend of food is there. July, the first holiday-makers are gone, the social networks begin to be overwhelmed with photos and memories. Landscapes, friends, hotels ? No, the must today, it is to show what was in the plate. Poke Bowl, veggie burger, superfoods…. The Fork has compiled a list of 4 dishes instagrammables to be on the top on the internet this summer.

The Poke Bowl : the trend of food coming to Hawaii star of Instagram

Particularly enjoyed the foodistas, the Poke Bowl is all the rage on Instagram. Traditional dish of Hawaii, it consists in the origin of bluefin tuna cru, marinated in a soy sauce that is accompanied with rice, avocado, seaweed… all to be enjoyed in a bowl, of course. Healthy but above all aesthetic, the mix of flavours gives a rainbow of colours especially popular on Instagram.

Instagram : a burger-yes, but vegetarian

More and more people are choosing to be vegetarian. But they do not renounce to the “junk food”. The veggie burgers are all the rage, to such a point that Mcdonald’s started to offer a line of “Veggie”. Trend yes, but not necessarily healthy : with its 763 calories, the Large Veggie Mcdonald’s is a burgers, the richest of the sign. Usually less fat and more fiber-rich, veggie burgers are still relatively high-calorie and classic dishes. A fact which does not prevent the vegetarian burger to be shown in all its forms, on Instagram.

Super food : when eating well becomes an art instagrammable

Salad of cabbage kale, tabouleh of quinoa, tartare of avocado… These dishes all contain a superfoods. Trend, healthy and colorful : it doesn’t take much for Instagram ignites. The superfoods are designated as such because they are rich in antioxidants. They give us energy and boost our immune system. So naturally we want to enjoy it, but if they are good for health, beware of the effect of mode. It is essential to know where your superfoods ! Beware of counterfeits and marketing : opt for the brands organic.

FoodJenga : the art of playing with the food on Instagram

As we have seen, Instagram launches new trends, mainly culinary. After the craze for latte art, water infused, the avolatte or popsicles, we discover the FoodJenga. Hear “food” to “food” and “Jenga” to “game of society”. Where the aim of Jenga is to remove pieces as the game until the tower falls, the FoodJenga principle is to crowd his food to create a tower. Take the food of your choice, place them in a pile, take a photo version of Instagram and the success is waiting for you !

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