Tori Spelling slams haters that ‘post mean’ and ‘horrific things’ about her physical appearance and family

TORI Spelling slammed the haters that “post mean” and “horrific things” about her physical appearance and family on social media.

The 47-year-old actress took to Instagram to candidly call out those that criticize her.


Tori slammed haters in a recent Instagram post[/caption]

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She said she’s received hate for her ‘looks’ and ‘family’[/caption]


The actress penned a long noted about ‘reality vs. Instagram’[/caption]

Earlier this week, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star took to Instagram to address the mean comments she has received in response to her social media posts.

Alongside a selfie that showed the actress bundled up in a hoodie as she covered her face with one hand, Tori began: “I love my Instagram.

“I get to share beautiful photos from my life, my kids, my animals, and my work. I get to interact with friends, fans, and follows around the world.

“I post consistently because an ‘algorithm’ tells me I need too. This is a curation of my life.”

She explained that the photos she chooses to post represent her putting her “best foot forward on social media.”


Tori explained that fans have criticized her for many reasons[/caption]


She argued that she’s ‘human’ and gets ‘sick just like everyone else’[/caption]

Tori continued: “We don’t show the messy house, the bad photos, etc… because perhaps the ‘algorithm’ wouldn’t support that. Or the haters would love it way too much!

“If they write horrific things about my pretty ring lit and edited photo what would they say about the ones without makeup looking like a disheveled mess? Prime for the feast!

“But I’m a busy working mom of 5 young children and a backyard farm. That’s my reality. And, it’s not always pretty.”

The actress added: “The reality is I’m human.

“I have feelings like each of them that post mean things about my looks and family.”


The caption concluded with Tori asking her followers if they also feel pressured ‘to look Instagram ready’[/caption]

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Tori shared the candid post in response to the negativity[/caption]

Tori explained that she recently received a comment noting that she did not share a previous post immediately as it was happening, writing: “Am I supposed to make a post and then put a disclaimer like “ I’m posting this Saturday but it actually happened Wednesday’?”

She continued: “Being human means I get sick just like everyone else.

“I’ve had migraines and a horrific sinus infection with 2 rounds of antibiotics for a week and a half now. But, those pics aren’t any fun to post!”

After sharing that a friend recently questioned if she was sick because her “Instagram told a different story,” the actress explained that she was sharing the photo in the post because it represented how she “really felt.”

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She married Dean McDermott in 2006[/caption]

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She claimed her followers have criticized her family[/caption]

Tori wrote: “Here’s me. Right now. In bed. Feeling like crap! ( fine, I did edit and smooth under my eyes a little. If that makes me hypocritical so be it. At least I’m honest).

“And, I feel pretty good about this post! My regular Instagram program will only be interrupted for today.”

She concluded: “What do you think? Do you sometimes feel the pressure to look Instagram ready?”

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Tori said she was ‘feeling like crap’ in the new photo[/caption]

Tori and husband Dean McDermott, 54, tied the knot in 2006.

The couple share five kids: 13-year-old Liam, 12-year-old Stella, nine-year-old Hattie, eight-year-old Finn and three-year-old Beau.


Tori has been in the spotlight since her starring role on Beverly Hills, 90210[/caption]


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