Tory grandees act to prevent Boris Johnson from being kicked out in first year as Prime Minister

TORY grandees have acted to prevent Boris Johnson being kicked out by his own MPs for his first year in No.10.

Party bosses on the 1922 Committee have tweaked party rules to protect the next PM from being challenged in a vote of no confidence.


Tory grandees have acted to ensure Boris Johnson is not kicked out by his own MPs for his first year as Prime Minister[/caption]

The 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers “clarified” rules to bar any confidence motion being staged in the next PM until at least July 23 next year.

Tory MP Nigel Evans, executive chairman of the 1922, said: “When they’ve been elected by the membership the new leader should be given at least a 12 month run before any challenges.”

They acted as the Tory Party descended into bitter civil war over the prospect of a No-Deal Brexit.

Some rebel Tories are threatening to go nuclear and join Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in trying to topple BoJo Government to stop a no-deal Brexit.

While around a dozen ministers are considering quitting before they are sacked by the next PM to join the rebels on the backbenches.

In an astonishing move, Chancellor Philip Hammond yesterday threatened to bring down a Boris government.

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Tory MP Nigel Evans said that the next PM should be ‘given at least a 12-month run’[/caption]


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