Tory leadership candidates need to tell us precisely how they plan to deliver Brexit

IT’S time for detailed plans from every Tory leadership contender: how, precisely, will you deliver Brexit?

The next PM will be picked not by voters but by Tory MPs and members.


Tory leadership candidates like Boris Johnson need to tell us how they plan to deliver Brexit[/caption]

So the country deserves more than rallying calls or vague assertions that they can succeed where Theresa May failed.

If No Deal is your strategy, so be it.

How will it happen without an election, since the Tories have no current majority for it and the Speaker Bercow will bust his considerable gut to prevent it?

If you aim to win new concessions from the EU — which are vital since Mrs May’s deal is dead — great.

But what is Plan B if they refuse?

Nothing matters more than defeating Corbyn and delivering Brexit.

And the former can’t happen without the latter.

One or two candidates have set out their stall. The rest must do so now.

Trump cards

THERE is a lesson for some younger Royals from Donald Trump’s memorable State Visit.

We have no idea if the Queen, Charles or Camilla liked him. That’s the point.

2019 Getty Images

Trump has never felt closer to our country after his successful visit[/caption]

For three days they rolled out the red carpet, charmed the world’s most powerful man and treated him and his wife to the pomp and pageantry we excel at.

The President loved it. And the older Royals, regardless of personal likes or dislikes, honoured his country and his historic role with grace and humour.

They did their job, and put to shame the tantrums of the Left and our staggeringly unprofessional Commons Speaker.

The result? Trump has never felt closer to our country.

Barack Obama sneered that we would be “at the back of the queue” for a trade deal if we dared to vote Leave.

His Remainer fans loved stating it as fact.

But we did vote Leave, and Obama’s successor can’t wait now to get cracking on it.

Maybe someone should prosecute those Remainers for “lying”. It’s all the rage.

Cleaning bill

WE rarely agree with Philip Hammond. But he’s right about the folly of blindly committing to “net zero” emissions within 30 years.

Every gas boiler and cooker, and every petrol and diesel vehicle, scrapped.

AFP or licensors

Philip Hammond is right about the folly of blindly committing to ‘net zero’ emissions within 30 years[/caption]

A nationwide blizzard of charging points. Far less meat in our diet. And much else.

We doubt the Chancellor’s £1trillion cost estimate — but even if it’s half, that’s money we cannot spend on health, schools or police.

What is the Government doing to convince the public this is a good idea?

We all want a cleaner world, but what happens when services are slashed to fund it?

The eco lobby predicts a huge price if we FAIL to act. But UK emissions are a minuscule fraction of the global total.

Voters won’t back this revolution unless every other major country — many far worse polluters than us — does too.


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