Tory MPs need to be careful endorsing any Brexit delay which could be fatal to the process

ANY delay to Brexit could be fatal to the whole operation – so Tory MPs must think very carefully about endorsing one.

We could just about stomach a short extension to cross the t’s and dot the i’s of necessary legislation.


Liam Fox and ERG hardliners need to understand the risks in delaying Brexit[/caption]

But Liam Fox and ERG hardliners seem to see a delay as an insurance policy in case the PM’s deal doesn’t get past Parliament, allowing us to wring further concessions from Brussels.

European leaders have already made it clear that’s a fantasy.

Any lengthy delay will only signal an even softer Brexit or, worse, open the door to the democracy-deniers calling for the whole operation to be cancelled.

Kicking the can down the road isn’t risk-free.

Domestic blitz

THERESA May’s “towns fund” is a rare sign that the PM actually has a domestic policy.

Even if it is a Brexit bribe, it’s still very welcome indeed. Too many places outside our biggest cities have been ignored by successive Governments.

Theresa May
Theresa May announced her new Stronger Towns Fund before the crunch Brexit vote
Rex Features

But the PM must also listen to those calling for more muscular Tory policy.

An ambitious housebuilding programme. Welfare reform that encourages work. And an unapologetically pro-business, low-tax economic policy.

Trying to grow her own version of Corbyn’s magic money tree won’t be enough to get the electorate onside.

The Tories must have more confidence in their own beliefs.

Deadly dither

WE hope London Mayor Sadiq Khan enjoys his holiday.

All that tweeting about how hard he’s working to solve the capital’s knife crime epidemic must be tiring.

The Mayor of London was picture in the airport before his holiday to Marrakech
The Sun

In truth, the families of those cut down on London’s streets need more from him than social media virtue-signalling on his way to the airport.

Violent crime is rocketing under his watch yet he seems in denial.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid isn’t showing nearly enough urgency to tackle the issue in the rest of the country, either.

How many more must die before we get serious about violent crime?

Had our Phil

THERE have been plenty of lurid allegations about Philip Green’s behaviour.

But to see it in full, living colour makes the skin crawl.

The Sun

Sir Philip Green has been caught on film kissing a ­grimacing worker as she sits nervously on his knee[/caption]

How he still has his knighthood is beyond us.

The Government is cracking down on the use of non-disclosure agreements, which Green and other high-profile figures have used to silence workplace whistleblowers.

It’s about time.


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