Tory Party Chairman Brandon Lewis refuses to quit following conference app data blunder

TORY Party boss Brandon Lewis has refused to quit after the a humiliating data blunder saw mobile numbers of Cabinet Ministers and party members published online.

Instead the Conservative Party Chairman heaped blame on a private tech firm drafted in by the party to build their controversial Conference App.

The Conservative Party Chairman has refused to quit following the data breach
Mr Lewis has blamed the tech firm that created the app
PA:Press Association

And Mr Lewis insisted that he was probing the cock up “very seriously” with the party braced for a hefty fine from the data watchdog.

He was mocked by his colleagues over the glitch – with Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson joking that Mr Lewis should send some of his own staff on a new cyber security course he was launching for cadets.

Asked if he had considered resigning for the embarrassing security blunder, Mr Lewis would only apologise for being “let down by a third party supplier”.

Mr Lewis told Sky News: “There will be a limited number of our delegates here but we are contacting the delegates concerned to lay out to them exactly what has happened and what they can do about that but any breach is a serious breach and that’s why we are fully investigating it and are taking it very seriously.”


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