Tottenham striker Harry Kane is ready to move to Real Madrid… but if he wants to it must happen soon

GERMANY legend Lothar Matthaus is SunSport’s European football expert.

The Germany legend believes England and Spurs striker Harry Kane soon faces the biggest decision of his career. Here’s why…

Harry Kane is ready to join Real Madrid, says Lothar Matthaus
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THERE was a lot of talk about Harry Kane after his performance for England in Spain last week.

But the way he played was no surprise for me. Harry has been one of the top strikers in the world for three or four years now.

Look at the numbers and the performances he has put in, for Tottenham and England. He is captain of England. This means something.

Maybe in the World Cup he wasn’t the Kane I was looking for, even though he won the Golden Boot. He lacked the movement and aggression I expected.

The English Golden Boot winner has all the attributes to succeed in La Liga

But in Seville his movement was better, sharper and quicker, he looked fitter. So it was inevitable people started talking about him moving to Spain again.

Let’s be honest, it’s not a question of whether he would be ready next summer or the one after, or the following year. He was ready last week.

He has the quality and the experience, he knows how to score against anybody. He has that confidence in himself.

The question is whether Kane wants to leave Spurs, England, the Premier League. He’d never leave Spurs for another Premier League club.

German World Cup winner Matthaus knows Kane has what it takes to shine on the biggest stage
Jamie McPhilimey – The Sun
Kane would never leave Spurs for another Premier League club

For one thing it would upset the Tottenham fans — and that’s something he couldn’t do because the relationship he has with them is special.

I know he loves Spurs. You can tell by the way he talks about the club.

He might want to stay there for his whole career, breaking all the scoring records, being there for the first 10 years of the new stadium, being a Tottenham legend.

It would have to be something special for him to leave the club. But if it’s going to happen, it will have to be soon.

He’s 25 now. If he does not go in the next two years, by the time he is 27, he will never leave.

If he did, Real are the only club that would be right for him. Real shine brighter than any other club in the world.

If it happened, everyone would understand, nobody could be angry. I had an offer from Real when I was at Inter, in 1991.

The president, Ernesto Pellegrini, would not let me go. I went to see him two or three times, asking him to let me leave.

But I was told I had to respect my contract.

I got that. I had signed the contract. Nobody had put me under pressure, so I did not argue. But I do wish I had played for Real at some point.

I’d spent three years at Inter and while I enjoyed my time there, they were not in my heart like Spurs are in Kane’s heart.

It would be different if Harry went to Daniel Levy and said he REALLY wanted to play for Real.

Levy knows what Harry’s done for the club.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there is an understanding, a gentleman’s agreement, between them.

He would not have anything written into his contract. He is not that sort of player.

But if he knocked on Daniel’s door, at the right time, and there was a truly serious offer on the table, it may be different.
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