Toulon, france: a police officer used in court arrested after a rape in the jails

A police officer employed at the court of Toulon, accused of having committed a rape on an inmate, has been indicted and jailed Thursday evening, has learned the AFP on Friday, with the public prosecutor Bernard Marchal. The events took place on the 13th of June last, said the magistrate, confirming information of Var-Matin. A young woman born in 1982, who was charged with fraud in the context of immediate appearance, asked for a delay in its defence, and saw his trial postponed to 27 June. In the meantime, she has been placed in detention and deportation at the conclusion of the hearing, in the jails of the court, before his transfer to the prison des Baumettes in Marseille.

It is at this time that the events occurred, continued the prosecutor of Toulon. In tears, the young woman asked the policeman to lend him his phone to prevent his mother and his daughter from his incarceration. The policeman, a man of 59 years in the post of long standing in the service of the escorts of the court of Toulon, would have agreed to in exchange for a blowjob. The victim, a few days later, during his detention in the Baumettes, has been convinced by the probation service of a complaint and an investigation was then entrusted to the IGPN of Marseille. Many items were collected, according to the magistrate, tending to accredit the version of the young woman, including the veracity of the call made to his family from the phone to the police, traces of semen matching his DNA in the toilet of the cells of the court and testimonies concurring.

Many calls have also been made by the police officer himself to the young woman, including after his release at the end of his trial on June 27, following which it has been condemned without being imprisoned.

Arrested Wednesday morning, the police admitted the facts after being assured, in a first time, he thought that they were building a relationship. He was arrested by police after an indictment for aggravated rape by the quality of person agent of the public authority.

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