Town crier, 61, fights off yobs who stole his hat and wig by throwing his bell at them

A TOWN crier fought off three bike yobs who tried to snatch his hat and wig — by hurling his bell at them.

Alan Myatt, 61, was in full costume as he grappled with the louts who pounced as he made his way home from an appearance.

SWNS:South West News Service

Alan has been a town crier for 30 years[/caption]

He said: “They went ahead of me like a gang of sharks and tried to grab my hat. I fended them off and carried on walking. Then they came at me from behind. I managed to fend them off again.

“One guy grabbed my hat and wig. I grabbed him. He fell off his bike and dropped my things.

“I threw my bell at him and they scarpered.”

Homeless people helped the dad of one pick his gear up. He has been town crier in Gloucester for 30 years.

SWNS:South West News Service

The 61-year-old hurled his bell at the gang who snatched his wig and hat[/caption]

Alan hurt his knee and shoulder as he fell in the scuffle. He said: “When you’re 24 stone you go down like a tonne of bricks. I wasn’t scared but was shaken. I had a similar experience when someone tried to pinch my bell a few years ago.”

Alan was unable to identify the louts as they wore hoodies. He said he rang police on 101 for 1½ hours with no reply. They denied it but said: “We have to prioritise calls based on the harm, threat and risk involved.”


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