Transgender rugby player on ladies’ team reveals how rivals targeted and spat blood on him

A TRANSGENDER rugby player on a women’s team has told how rivals target him and have spat blood in his mouth.

Verity Smith, 37, is transitioning to male and has facial hair from taking testosterone.

Verity Smith was attacked during a rugby match
Verity Smith was attacked during a rugby match
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After he was attacked he was outed online.

Verity, of Hull, said: “It’s hard playing small-minded teams.

“I once went for a tackle and handed a player in the face. She wouldn’t let go.

“She hocked and spat blood into my mouth. It was heart-wrenching. My family was there but luckily had left.”

He will one day have to move to a male team.

He said: “It’ll be sad to walk out without the lad-ies.

“But it’ll be a challenge to show transgender people it can be done.”


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