Trump denies having given the green light to a controversial meeting that took place with a Russian

Donald Trump has denied on Friday that it had prior knowledge of a meeting during the presidential campaign between his son Don Jr and a a Russian lawyer providing information compromising on Hillary Clinton. Michael Cohen, the ex-lawyer staff to the president –who is disgraced and multiplies the revelations embarrassing to his former client– says that it has approved the holding of this meeting on the 9th June 2016 at the Trump Tower in New York, the headquarters of the campaign Trump.

“I knew NOTHING of the encounter with my son Don Jr,” said Friday, the billionaire republican on Twitter, accusing Michael Cohen to “make up stories” to get a “dirty business that has nothing to do”. The revelation that nine months after the election of the holding of this meeting with the young woman suspected to be close to the intelligence services, the russians had made a bomb effect in the context of a federal investigation on a possible collusion between the campaign team of Donald Trump and Moscow, which poisons the presidency. The president has always said not to have anything known at the time of the meeting, the existence of which is proven and for which Donald Trump Jr. has been heard before the Congress. The campaign has always minimized the scope.

On June 9, 2016, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of the president, spoke at the Trump Tower in New York city with a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, they thought to be an emissary of the Russian government, capable of providing information on Mrs Clinton, the rival democratic party of Mr. Trump. The meeting at the Trump Tower had been arranged by a music producer, Rob Goldstone, who had contacted Donald Trump Jr. and had told him that he had “official documents and information that would cause Hillary and its agreements with Russia and that would be very helpful for your father.”


Donald Trump Jr. had answered, “It pleases me” and had accepted the invitation. But, according to the clan Trump, the meeting is not given. Michael Cohen, a former lawyer and man of confidence of Donald Trump, which has now consumed his break-up with the billionaire republican, assures that the latter was aware of this appointment before it was even held, according to CNN and NBC. According to these sources, Mr. Cohen would have been present when his client has been informed of the offer of a meeting with a Russian lawyer, and Donald Trump would have approved of the holding of the meeting.

Sources have, however, indicated to CNN that Mr. Cohen did not have to support its statements of evidence such as an audio recording. Donald Jr. is explained in the summer of 2017 on this appointment when the press revealed its existence. “The woman, as she said publicly, was not a government official,” stated Donald Jr. in a statement, adding that she finally had “no information to give”. According To Trump Jr., it has mainly been discussed during the meeting the issue of adoptions of Russian children.

The special prosecutor, Robert Mueller is conducting an investigation to determine whether there has been a collusion between Moscow and the campaign team of Donald Trump in the presidential election of 2016. According to CNN and NBC, citing unnamed sources, Mr. Cohen would be willing to repeat his statements to Mr. Mueller. The american president has always denied that there was collusion between his campaign team and Russian officials took place, and he qualifies as a regular investigation of Mr. Mueller of a “witch-hunt”. Russia denies also any activity of this kind.

The attitude is very supportive of the president at a recent summit in Helsinki with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin –criticized even in his own camp– has revived the case and suspicions. A meeting presided over by Mr. Trump should be held on Friday at the White House to examine the risk of new attempts of the Russian authorities to influence the legislative elections in November.

Fight with the president

This accusation of Mr. Cohen comes just a few days after the revelation that a record, dating back to two months before the presidential election of November 2016, had been seized by the investigators of the federal police (FBI) in the offices of the lawyer. Donald Trump and Michael Cohen are mentioned the possibility to buy the silence of an ex-playmate with which the president reportedly had an affair.

Donald Trump has responded by saying that a lawyer was not required to record his conversations with his clients. Mr. Cohen now seems to be engaged in a fight with the billionaire, and be ready to collaborate with the justice, even to compromise his / her former client.

After having remained faithful to the former real estate developer for a period of months, even though it was already in turmoil and under investigation, Michael Cohen now plays in solo, his will-everything to avoid a lawsuit, or even jail.

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