Trump speech live – Don speaks at North Carolina GOP State Convention & slams 2020 election as ‘crime of the century’

DONALD Trump railed against the “radical left” and the “corrupt” 2020 election in his big comeback speech on Saturday night.

The former president rallied the crowd at the North Carolina’s annual state Republican Party convention, in his first major return to the political stage.

Trump blasted Biden and the Dems over the border “crisis” and jobless figures in the wake of the pandemic.

“Joe Biden had to do is sit back and do nothing and it was taking off like a rocket ship nobody’s ever seen in between the economy and all of the other things we did the border,” he said.

“Instead, the economy is going to hell and inflation is going to cause a catastrophe,” he added.

The former president spoke at the June 5 convention dinner in Greenville.
Trump narrowly carried North Carolina in 2020 and held numerous events in the state toward the end of his campaign.

Trump has kept a relatively low public profile since leaving office. His last significant public speech was in February at the CPAC convention

He’s still banned from Twitter and Facebook, and his blog shut down this week.

Trump has expressed interest in running for president again in 2024 but has not yet announced a decision.

The state party hopes Trump can help Republicans retake control of the U.S. House in the upcoming midterms.


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