Trust my man to take the new male contraceptive pill? Pah! I’d prefer never to have sex again

EVERY couple of years, a new form of male contraception is said to be a step closer to becoming reality, and surprise, surprise, we are here again.

This time around a new male birth control pill has been declared “safe, reversible – and has few side-effects” according to experts – and could be prescribed to blokes within a decade.

The first male contraceptive pill has been found to be ‘safe, reversible – and won’t harm sex drive’, in early clinical trials
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Alas, women can be heard cheering that they could soon be freed from the ­shackles of acne, mood swings and lack of libido that partner birth control.

But I, and it might be my hormones ­talking, cannot join the celebration.

There is not one part of me that would relinquish control over my own fertility – the thought makes me want to crawl into a ball and never have sex again.

Sorry lads, but this is just too much of a responsibility for us to let go.

Would you have your man in charge of birth control?
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I can’t trust my fiancé to remember to put the bins out, let alone take charge of taking a pill every day to stop ME ­getting pregnant.

Yes, it’s unfair that women are expected to put chemicals into our bodies just to limit the risk of unplanned pregnancies.

And yes, I do think everyone who makes the decision to have sex is accountable.

But the prospect of a surprise bun in the oven is too much of a gamble for me.

Whichever way you look at it, it is still us women who become pregnant and have to deal with the consequences – and we need to protect ourselves.

The creation of this latest male contraceptive pill says it lowered blokes’ hormones to the point where they would stop producing sperm after 60 days.

Joely says she’d never trust her man to take the pill
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The latest male pill is said to be reversible
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It is a modified testosterone that aims to decrease sperm production but preserves libido.

And the drug effects are supposedly reversed when men stop the treatment, according to scientists.

But will we ever see it? I’m dubious.

The creation of another male contraceptive pill was said to be advancing in 2016, but trials had to be halted because the side-effects were too much for the poor, suffering guys.

I can feel your eyes rolling too, but I’m not even surprised.

Of course women have a higher ­tolerance than men – we have to put up with them, after all.

Since the Pill was made available on the NHS in 1961, men have had to trust women they won’t become dads.

And for some, that trust has backfired which is completely unfair.

But ultimately, it’s us women it affects the most.

Perhaps I’m a control freak, but I still can’t see it working the other way around.

I’ll pop a pill any day, thanks.

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