Tube train goes over family-of-three after mum with buggy falls off platform onto track – and SURVIVE

A FAMILY of three has miraculously survived after the mother and child fell into the path of an oncoming Tube train yesterday.

After the woman and her baby buggy accidentally fell onto the tracks at Baker Street Underground Station, the child’s father jumped down to save them.

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A family survived after a tube train ran over them at Baker Street station yesterday[/caption]

However, as a train hurtled towards them, the family were able to jump into a pit under the track to avoid being killed, authorities said.

The woman was walking along the platform pushing her child in a buggy, while looking up at the indicator board just before 10.15pm on Friday, British Transport Police (BTP) said.

Officers said the lady did not realise how near she was to the edge of the platform and accidentally pushed the buggy wheels over it.

She, the buggy and the child fell on to the track and the dad jumped down to help them, police said.

BTP said: “When they saw a train coming, all three were extremely fortunate in being able to move into a pit under the track and the train passed safely over the top of them.

“Amazingly none of them were seriously hurt, but as a precaution they were taken to hospital for check-ups.”

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