Tutorial deck special eggs

An apron astute to prevent damage to the coop. Source Style Insider.

Video deck wool to pick up the eggs :

Following the release of this video on my page facebook, I have received a lot of requests for explanations to make this apron special eggs. So I have improvised a little tutorial explanation to try to make the same apron.

Tutorial deck special eggs :

1) – you will need to crochet or knit a rectangle and finish with the belt. For dimensions, please refer to a deck that you already have or take a cloth of dishes as a template, reference, and place it in front of you to give you an idea of the greatness of crochet or knitting. Edit your mesh in function of the desired width.

2) – Crochetez or knit 3 stripes rectangular the length of your deck to a height of at least 10 cm.

3) – once you have finished your 3 strips, place them on your apron to sew on the length and on the sides. Then sew your pockets, the more pockets as possible, ensuring that to keep flexible to be able to easily insert your eggs when you pick up.

Note : For those who cannot or knit or crochet, you can easily do the same apron fabric. Either in the weave entirely with the fabric by following the same technique above, or by using an apron that you already have, on which you will sew pockets, lots of pockets.
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