Twin cats Iriss and Abyss find fame on Instagram because of their ‘David Bowie’ eyes

TWIN cats Iriss and Abyss have found Stardust-dom on Instagram — because of their “David Bowie” eyes.

The female moggies have 47,000 followers thanks to having one blue and one green eye.

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Iriss and Abyss have found fame on Instagram[/caption]

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They bare a resemblance to David Bowie whose eyes appeared a different colour too[/caption]

They have heterochromia iridis, which causes different colour eyes.

The condition by itself is not so rare, but to see it in twins is something far less common.

Bowie’s right eye was blue but his left appeared brown.

Owner Pavel Dyagilev, 34, of St Petersburg, Russia, gave the cats new home and now runs the account.

He said: “When I found an ad on social media that two kittens were seeking a new home I never imagined that I’d end up with two.

“But I looked through the pictures of kittens and saw two twins been always together on the photos. And my heart melted.”

Owner Pavel Dyagilev, 34, of St Petersburg, Russia, likes to dress them up, left. He said: “They are mesmerising.”

He added: “The girls don’t feel starstruck by their online following, but they have all the features to be real stars.

“They do not go out to exhibitions or crowded places because it is a huge stress for them.

“So our Instagram is a perfect source for the world to meet the unique beauty of Iriss and Abyss.”

Caters News Agency

The pair have 47,000 followers on their Instagram account[/caption]



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