Twitch leak latest updates: Massive data breach CONFIRMED as streamers mock controversy over earnings from hack

TWITCH confirmed the breach which happened on Wednesday, and said it was “working with urgency” to understand the extent of it.

More than 100GB of data was posted online on Wednesday.

The documents appear to show Twitch‘s top streamers each made millions of dollars from the Amazon-owned company in the past two years.

One streamer confirmed to the BBC that their earnings were “accurate” while a third person closely linked to a high profile player said the details were “about right”.

However, Hasan and xQc have both poked some fun at the drama surrounding hacked and leaked Twitch revenue numbers.

Despite this, CriticalRole, xQc, and Summit1g lead the pack of the highest-earning streamers. Hasan makes the list just outside of the top 10.

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