Two new Switch consoles ‘coming from Nintendo in 2019’

NINTENDO is going to launch two new versions of the Switch later this year, according to a report.

Multiple sources talking to the Wall Street Journal claim that there’s a pared-down budget-friendly version on the way, as well as a souped-up version with extra features and more power.

Nintendo’s Switch can be played on-the-go in handheld mode, but is larger and more expensive than the 3DS
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The sources indicate that Nintendo is going to reveal the two new Switches at E3 in Los Angeles in June.

Sony are already skipping the event, and Microsoft’s promises to “go big” in response seem to mostly be focusing on reacting to the threat they see from Google’s Stadia service.

That leaves Nintendo, who have recently been the lowest-key of the big three at the annual show, with a huge opportunity that it seems is too good to pass up.

The suppliers talking to the WSJ suggested that the devices would be significantly different from the hybrid Switch we know and love, but declined to offer many details.

The Switch can be played on a TV too, but isn’t nearly as powerful as the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro
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“You would be wrong to think the enhanced version is similar to what Sony did with PS4 Pro and the other is just a cheap alternative that looks very similar to some past hand-held machines, say, Sony’s PlayStation Vita,” according to someone who claimed to have used versions of both new consoles.

The only confirmed feature difference is the lack of vibration in either model, because developers aren’t using it to its full potential.

The WSJ also claim that Sharp will be producing the screens for the cheaper of the two devices.

It’s going to be a big year for Switch, with new Pokémon games Sword and Shield on the way and a new Animal Crossing game in the works and due for release in 2019.

A smaller, cheaper Switch had been rumoured after reports in Japan’s Nikkei.

Meanwhile, the WSJ itself revealed an upgraded Switch was going to have a better built-in screen than the current iteration — which would both make the display clearer and brighter, but also offer developers more room for other features in a similar form factor.

That report also confirmed that the new console would be fully compatible with existing games, and that future Switch games would work on all versions of the console.


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