Two spring breakers ‘raped woman who later died’ in Miami Beach as party chaos leads to more than A THOUSAND arrests

TWO spring breakers have been accused of raping a woman who later died in Miami Beach as party chaos has led to more than 1,000 arrests.

The two men, both from North Carolina, were accused of drugging, raping and then stealing from the woman who died at a hotel after they left her.

Miami Beach Police

Evoire Collier is in police custody[/caption]

Miami Beach Police

Dorian Taylor is also still in police custody[/caption]

Evoire Collier, 21, and Dorian Taylor, 24, were reportedly captured in surveillance video entering the Albion Hotel on Thursday with Christine Englehardt, 24.

A half-hour later, the two men were seen leaving without the woman, according to NBC Miami. They were arrested over the weekend.

Englehardt, who was visiting from Pennsylvania, was found dead in her hotel room on Thursday.

During a Monday bond hearing, a prosecutor said that the woman was so intoxicated while she was at the hotel that she could not give consent to either of the men.

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Authorities have been struggling to control spring breakers in Miami[/caption]


Officials in Miami have declared a curfew to discourage party goers[/caption]

One of the defendants reportedly admitted to giving the woman a “green pill” with the characters “a30” on it, but it’s not clear at this time what the pill was or if she died from overdosing on it.

The woman’s cause of death is pending along with a toxicology report.

Authorities also said that the two men used credit cards they stole from the intoxicated woman to continue partying in Miami.

Both men remain in custody.

Law enforcement in Miami Beach has struggled to handle a massive wave of spring breakers flocking to the area over the past month.

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Authorities have suggested that people looking for a break from Covid lockdown have led to the massive influx of spring breakers[/caption]

More than 1,000 people have been arrested since February.

On Saturday, the city issued a new curfew, demanding that party goers clear the streets from 8pm to 6am. The curfew could last until mid-April.

Officials in the city have said that this year’s revelers aren’t the typical spring break crowd.

The city is seeing an influx of adults wanting some kind of break after a year of Covid lockdowns, rather than the typical spring break college kids.

Commenting on the decision to declare a state of emergency, Miami City Manager Raul Aguila said, “As we hit the peak of the peak of spring break, we are quite simply overwhelmed.”

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber declared the state of emergency in the city, saying the crowds are “more than we can handle.”

“Too many are coming, really, without the intention of following the rules, and the result has been a level of chaos and disorder that is just something more than we can endure,” Gelber told CNN.


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