UFC legend Jon Jones surprises fans with autographs outside his house after they ask him for Conor McGregor prediction

JON JONES surprised fans with autographs outside his house after they asked him for a Conor McGregor prediction.

The former light-heavyweight king uploaded security camera footage, which revealed three boys outside Jones’ door.

Jon Jones surprised fans with autographs outside his house
Jon Jones giving fans outside his door autographs

They then asked who the 33-year-old thought would win between McGregor and Dustin Poirier, who headlined UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi.

Jones said: “I got Conor McGregor winning all day. What do you think’s going to win?”

The three boys then agree with the UFC legend’s prediction.

Jones asked if they three knew how to do McGregor’s famous ‘billi strut’ – which one of the boys performed.

The three-time champion had a laugh before asking if the lads lived near by.

In an act of generosity, Jones later told the trio: “Hey, give me a second, I’m gonna come out and give you guys some autographs.

“That sound cool?”

Jones proceeded to step outside his front door and handed the boys each a signed photo.

In disbelief, they then thanked the American all-time great, with one suggesting he would frame the autograph.

Jones is considered by many, including UFC president Dana White, as the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

He has just one loss on his record, a 2009 disqualification against Matt Hamill, for an illegal elbow that should have instead been a point deduction.

Jones has found his greatest challenge has come from outside the octagon, having been stripped of his titles for failed drug tests and misdemeanours.

But the ex-205lb ruler has always denied ever taking performance enhancing drugs.

Jones vacated his light-heavyweight title last year with the plan to move up to heavyweight in 2021.

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Jon Jones is considered by many as the Greatest of All Time[/caption]

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Jon Jones is a three-time UFC champion[/caption]

The champion Stipe Miocic is set to defend his belt against Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 in March, the man he beat in 2018.

Promoter White revealed Jones is then in line to face the winner, in what would be his divisional debut.

He told Sportsnet: “Jon Jones is going to move to heavyweight.

“We’re going to have Stipe vs Francis, and the winner of that will probably fight Jon Jones.

“The guy’s been the king of the light heavyweight division forever. I think he thinks it’s time to move up to heavyweight.

“He knows his body, he knows his abilities, he knows better than anybody else does. But it’s impressive.”

Jon Jones is preparing to move up to heavyweight



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