UK Covid deaths rise by 29 in one day as Sage scientists reveal hopes cases WILL plateau despite massive spike

THE UK’s Covid death tally shot up by 29 in the past 24 hours – but scientists are hopeful cases will plateau despite a spike in numbers.

The jump in deaths is up 163 per cent compared to the number of fatalities recorded just three weeks ago.

Despite this, experts issued a message of hope to Britain after they confirmed that Covid-cases “will fall” in the future after a recent spike in cases.

Scientists from SAGE, who advise Government officials, say vaccination and herd immunity will help drive the outbreak down as the country gears up for the final unlocking of restrictions on July 19.

The claims were made in a series of letter presented to the government today which suggested that cases will “plateau and then fall” within weeks.

It comes as Covid hospital admissions have been revealed to be the highest since March – with 509 new patients in the past 24 hours. 

Cases on Friday rose by 35,707 – the biggest daily jump in almost six months. 

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