UK sending another warship to tackle Iran’s aggression is absolutely right…enough is enough

IRAN’S aggression across the Middle East shows we can never be complacent.

The decision to send a second warship to the Gulf is absolutely the right one. Iran has acted with impunity as it has built violent proxy militias through Syria, Yemen and Lebanon and is  hell-bent on achieving superiority from the Med to the Gulf of Oman.

HMS Duncan sailed through Istanbul on its way to the Gulf

It’s about time that Britain joined  others in saying: “Enough is enough.”

Iran’s response has been to tell us to stay out of it. But it isn’t Britain that is ramping up its uranium production, or trying to build airstrips in Syria within striking distance of Israel.

The pressure Donald Trump has put on Iran by reintroducing sanctions is having an effect, but the Iranians have responded to his verbal onslaught with aggression of their own. The risk of a miscalculation is worryingly high.

HMS Duncan crossed the Bosphorous from the Mediterranean earlier on Friday

So Jeremy Hunt is right to say that we must find a way to soothe the situation. That requires work on both sides — but Iran has to show willing.

At the moment there is precious little dialogue between the US and Iran.  Britain can play a very valuable role.

But make no mistake. The finger of blame for rising tensions points only  at Tehran.

Stuck levers

THE PM is right that the job is about more than grabbing the levers of power.

Nobody can ever question Theresa May’s dedication to public service.

The next PM must show some real ambition from Day One
AFP or licensors

But it’s also true that over the past three years, too much of the PM’s work has been dedicated to simply sticking around for one more day. The grand vision of tackling “burning injustices” fell by the wayside.

It wasn’t entirely her fault, with a fractious party making her life difficult.

But the next PM must show some real ambition from Day One – including putting fresh blood in their new Cabinet.

Meg peace

SEEING Kate & Meghan  at Wimbledon this afternoon will be welcome.

The excitement at seeing the “Fab Four” together last Christmas has waned amid reports of rows and rifts.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle will head to Wimbledon together
Kate and Meghan at Wimbledon last year
PA:Press Association

But for a Royal Family that needs to present a modern face, it’s important the younger parts of The Firm  get on.

And are open to the odd photo, too


WHAT a weekend of sport.

The Wimbledon finals and British Grand Prix will keep plenty occupied.

News Group Newspapers Ltd

The Wimbledon finals – with Roger Federer taking on world No1 Novak Djokovic – and British Grand Prix will keep plenty occupied[/caption]

But we’ll not be able to tear our eyes off England’s cricketers hoping to match their female counterparts of two years ago and win a World Cup at Lord’s.

Go on, lads.


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