UK weather — Autumn temperatures set to soar to highs of 25C as Brits prepare for a warm start to September

AUTUMN will start tomorrow with unseasonably warm weather, forecasters say.

Temperatures are expected to reach a balmy 77F (25C) over coming days, with the South Coast expected to get the best conditions.

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Temperatures are expected to reach a balmy 77F (25C) over coming days[/caption]

Senior Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said much of the country was in line for a brief increase in temperatures.

He said yesterday: “Saturday, Sunday and Monday are looking like a bit of a return to warmer days.

Between now and then things will be around about average for this time of year — the high teens to the early twenties.

“But as we get into the weekend and early next week we can expect highs of 73F (23C) and 75F (24C) on Saturday in the South East. Then maybe 77F (25C) on Sunday and maybe even slightly higher on the Monday.”

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Many people took advantage of the warm weather to take a stroll in the autumn sun[/caption]

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Animals were out basking in the sunshine and the weather is forecast to be warm for the early part of September[/caption]

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Golf courses were busy as people made the most of balmy weather to get out on the greens[/caption]

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Beaches could be busy at the weekend as families take the chance to splash in the sea and play on the sand[/caption]

The autumn flurry, hot on the heels of ­Britan’ heatwave summer, would be caused by high pressure and a slight wind bringing temperatures from the continent, he added.



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