UK weather forecast tomorrow – Freezing ‘polar blast’ to hit Britain and last for DAYS as temperatures plummet to -1C

A BITTERLY cold polar blast will hit the UK and last for days sending temperatures plummeting to as low as -1C.

The blast of cold air is likely to bring freezing fog and dense frost across much of the UK in the coming days.

Speaking about tonight, Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said: “A widespread frost forming – more widely than we’ve seen of late – and temperatures below freezing fairly widely, and some fog forming”.

“Certainly feeling colder on Thursday, especially where the fog persists throughout much of the day – and a similar day to come on Friday,” he added.

The polar blast comes as odds were slashed on a White Christmas in Scotland and northern England.

There is now a 45% chance of a White Christmas, according to forecaster NetWeather, with bookies saying Edinburgh and Newcastle are the most likely cities to see snowfall on Christmas Day.

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