A 7 year-old child drowns in the swimming pool of a campsite in the Morbihan

On August 14, a child drowned in the swimming pool of a Morbihan campsite.

A seven-year-old drowned in the swimming pool of a campsite in Erdeven (Morbihan), AFP told AFP on Wednesday.

The little boy, on vacation with his parents, was found alone and inanimate in the pool by a lifeguard on August 14th.
He stayed six days in a coma

On arrival, he was already in cardiac arrest, the firefighters said. He was transported to Rennes University Hospital and remained in coma for six days. His death was pronounced Monday.

France recorded 373 drowning deaths between 1 June and 9 August, an average of just over five deaths a day, the French Public Health Agency (SpFrance) reported. An increase compared to previous years which can be explained by climatic conditions particularly favorable to bathing.[unable to retrieve full-text content] Link

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