A film with Kevin Spacey is a flop of monumental

Turnip just shunned or effect #MeToo? A film in which Kevin Spacey, fell in disgrace in the wake of multiple accusations of sexual abuse, has known this weekend as a start-up catastrophic to the u.s. box office. Inspired by a true story, “Billionaire Boys Club”, projected in only 11 rooms across the United States, has collected 618 dollars during its first weekend of operation, according to figures from trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

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“Reported in the average current price of a theater, with 9.27 dollars, this means that six people on average visited each room,” notes the magazine. The film, in which Kevin Spacey sharing the poster with Ansel Elgort and Taron Egerton, is available on video on demand from the month of July. But this is definitely not enough to explain his startup catastrophic. “We hope these charges to be harsh about the behaviour of an individual – who were not publicly known when the film was made there nearly two and a half years and (are related to) someone who does only a small role, secondary in “Billionaire Boys Club”- not terniront not the launch of the film”, was stated in the beginning of the summer Vertical Entertainment, the distributor of the film.

The career of Kevin Spacey, being rewarded twice for an academy award for his roles in the Usual Suspects (1995) and American Beauty (1999), is in a free fall since he has been accused of harassment and assault sexual by more than a dozen men in the United States and the United Kingdom. The american actor, 59-year-old has been fired from the hit series of Netflix “House of Cards” and replaced at short notice by Christopher Plummer in the film “All the money in the world”, in December last, just prior to its release.

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