A zombie movie with Daniel Craig, Adam Driver, Bill Murray and Selena Gomez soon on our screens

The film director Jim Jarmusch tackles the zombies. After talking about vampires in Only Lovers Left Alive, he will focus now on the undead in The Dead Don’t Die. To carry this film, he has selected a cast XXL.

In 2013, Jim Jarmusch was presenting his film Only Lovers Left Alive , where one could follow the adventures of Adam, a vampire who has influenced the careers of scientists and musicians over many centuries. This movie had already cast huge with Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton, Mia Wasikowska or John Hurt. The director will replace the cover in 2019, but this time, it will be of interest to the zombies. A movie that Bill Murray had already teasé to Philly last march.

Jim Jarmusch wrote a script for the zombies so hilarious, and there are plenty of great actors in the cast : Rosie Perez, Daniel Craig. It’s called The Dead Don’t Die, and we will turn it during the summer. But no, I won’t play a zombie.”

This exclusive new film advertised as a comedy in the scenario hilarious will call The Dead Don’t Die. In the casting of this film can be traced to Adam Driver (Kylo Ren in Star Wars), Tilda Swinton (the old one in Doctor Strange), Selena Gomez (Our Worst Neighbors 2), Bill Murray (Ghostbusters), Daniel Craig (James Bond), Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi and Rosie Perez.

For the moment, the scenario is still kept secret, and no release date has been revealed. You can even discover photos fuitées of the shooting on the website of the DailyMail and JustJared. For copyright reasons, we cannot publish the pictures on our site.

We look forward to discover the first official images !

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