A man was arrested after dark in the doors of a mosque

The driver of the vehicle who has voluntarily struck on Saturday night the doors of a mosque in Mons-en-Baroeul, a town which is next to Lille in the North, without being injured, has been arrested and “will be hospitalized in psychiatry”, a-t-on learned on Wednesday from a police source.

“The man was detained Tuesday afternoon while riding a bicycle not far from the mosque in Mons-en-Baroeul,” said this source to AFP, confirming information of the “Voice of The North“. The man, who holds “about ” inconsistent”, has been seen by a medical expert and “go to be hospitalized in psychiatry,” added this source, which excludes any “racially motivated, xenophobic or anti-islam”.

Saturday, at around 23: 45, a vehicle had smashed into voluntarily the front door of the mosque Al-Wifaq, had said the prefecture. A survey conducted by the urban Security had been opened for “damage volunteers”.

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