A man ends up in jail for not having unlocked his iPhone

A young man from Florida has been sentenced to a penalty of 180 days in jail because he did not want to unlock his iPhone at the request of the police. The case dates back to 21 June 2018, when he was arrested for drug possession.

180 days ‘ imprisonment for having “forgotten” the opening codes of the iPhone

It all started because of a simple violation of the code of the road a few weeks ago. William Montanez has not complied with a yield sign and was stopped by the police, who asked him to go out to search his vehicle. But Montanez refused, forcing the officer to use a detection dog who discovered a small amount of marijuana, a weapon, and two iPhone. According to the information of Fox 13 News, Martinez was apprehended because he was not cooperative when the officer asked him to unlock his iPhone, after having read a message that had just been displayed : “OMG, they found it”. In court, the judge ruled that authorities could have access to the devices, however, the accused refused once again to open them, claiming that they were new and that he did not recall codes. Accordingly, the judge sentenced him to 180 days ‘ imprisonment. The lawyer Montanez was opposed to excavation these smartphones, but he explained in an interview that this could happen to anyone.

If the police stop you for anything, be it drugs, firearms, even the electronic devices, they can obtain a search warrant to search you. And if you refuse to open the device because you want to keep information private, they can put you in prison.

The judge has indicated to the accused that if he ever had to remember the code to open his iPhone, he would be released.

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