A man killed by a police officer after a car chase in Paris

A motorist who fled a traffic stop has been killed in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Paris by the firing of a police officer, who was placed in police custody, a-t-on learned from several sources, confirming information of Europe 1.

According to the first elements of the investigation, this man, 26-year-old who was driving without a license had refused to submit to a police check in a neighborhood near les Halles, in the centre of the capital, and had fled, reported to the AFP a source close to the investigation.

The police officer is then mounted to the rear of the scooter from an individual, and both have taken the car chase, according to this source.

“The fugitive has taken all the risks, including streets in the opposite direction and eventually ended up blocked. The police officer is then descended, and told to obey orders. But when the vehicle was in reverse, and rammed into the scooter, the officer fired a shot”, she added.

The facts took place on the rue Condorcet (IXe arrondissement).

The police officer placed him in custody

The keeper of the peace, aged 23 years, was placed in police custody in the night for “voluntary violence with a weapon by a person agent of the public authority causing death without intention to give,” said a justice source in the AFP.

The general Inspectorate of the national police (IGPN, the police of fonts), as well as the PJ, have been seized of the investigation, according to sources, police and judicial.

The victim was the subject of an open procedure in February for “driving despite the cancellation of a licence” and “refusal to comply exposing others to a risk of death or infirmity,” said the justice source.

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