A buddhist monk accused of sexually abusing 15 boys

The indian police announced on Saturday that it had arrested a buddhist monk accused of sexually abusing 15 boys in a mediation centre which he directs in the city of Bodhgaya, the mecca of buddhism. A senior police officer at Bodhgaya was said to the AFP that there were “serious charges” against Bhante Shanghpriya Sujoy, was arrested Wednesday and hosts in its centre boys between 6 and 12 years old from poor families.

“Locked up, without food or water, if they refused”

“The children say they were beaten and sexually abused at the school and have been locked up, without food or water, if they refused,” he said, on condition of anonymity.

The city of Bodhgaya, located in Bihar State (north-east), is home to the Mahabodhi temple, one of the four holy places associated with the life of the Buddha, and each year attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims.

This scandal is the latest to hit the establishement buddhist. An eminent chinese monk, ex-leader of the Federation of buddhist in the country, accused of sexual abuse of nuns, was removed last week from his duties of the abbot to the head of a monastery in Beijing. Xuecheng, 51 years old, a member of the chinese communist Party, is one of the figures most in order to cope with the movement #MeToo, which is progressing in China.

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