“A unique moment” : when Hulot creates the surprise live on France Inter

It is a sequence uncommon, which is played on Tuesday morning on France Inter, when the minister of the ecological Transition – Nicolas Hulot, the tight throat, has announced live his or her resignation to the interviewers taken aback, to the general surprise. It is only after a few minutes of interview that the former host of’Ushuaia” concedes that he feels “alone in the maneuver” the government in the fight against “the tragedy of climate”.

Has Nicolas Demorand, co-host of the morning, who asks him if he’s going to suddenly remain in its functions, Nicolas Hulot suddenly becomes solemn : “I’m going to take for the first time the most difficult decision of my life. I do not want to lie. I don’t want to give the illusion that my presence in the government means that it is the height on these issues and so I take the decision to leave the government.” “You’re serious, here?” it launches the coprésentatrice Léa Salamé, with an expression completely flabbergasted.

His colleagues “were a little broken down”

The reporter to the attention of the auditors that the minister had “absolutely not” accused,” that he would announce his resignation “to the contrary”. In the following interview, the outgoing minister confirms that he had put is a person who knows, or the president Emmanuel Macron, nor the Prime minister Edouard Philippe, and not even his entourage. “This is a decision between me and me,” says the former host of’Ushuaia’ which was at the beginning of his career as a journalist for France Inter.

On BFMTV, the editorialist of the radio, Thomas Legrand has confirmed the minister’s announcement had caught her interviewers. “He had decided to resign and announce his resignation in some time but back in the studio, he has obviously changed his opinion”, he testified, adding that his staff, who accompanied him to this interview, “a little broken”.

“It is without doubt for me the moment of the radio louder than I have lived,” said then Lea Salamé. “The trick is not locked. It is completely true. You have a man who says sincerely I can’t continue, I’m too alone I can’t do it”. “It was a moment of grace, a unique moment”, she adds.

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