A bank is relaunching the real estate loan in 35 years

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The new one has the effect of a bomb on the market of the real estate credit company, a subsidiary of group Crédit Mutuel Arkéa offers to lend to the French until the age of 35, the opportunity for many households to access the property in realizing their dream of homeownership in the hope of one day becoming rich.

The loan long-term re-launched

Pret 35 ans credit mutuel arkeaThe loan continues to break records, after levels never before seen rate during the year 2016 (1,28% on average in france in November 2016), now is the time that offers conditions that have never been seen.

The regional bank CFCAL (Crédit Foncier Communal d’alsace and Lorraine, click here to learn more) is a specialist in mortgage credit and in view of this, the latter markets since 2017, a loan to habitat for first-time buyers and may extend over a maximum duration of 35 years. The current rate of 2.55% excluding the insurance does not remain less interesting because of the possibility for many French access to the property. However, there are conditions to access this financing, as explained perfectly through bank Solutis that offers this banking product.

Profile youth and seniors

Crédit Mutuel therefore intends to seduce young borrowers with suitable income less important than for a couple of a quarantine, for example. But this target is not the only one concerned by this product since the investors can also take advantage of long periods to invest in the rental property or even in the secondary residence.

Profiles seniors with credits in the course will be able to take advantage of this solution to repay a single loan and purchase their residence to the sea or to the mountain. The French have already started to take steps to qualify for this loan, either from the branches of the crédit mutuel, with many brokers and agents of banks who are mandated by the CFCAL.

The CFCAL, a major player on the market of the mortgage

The CFCAL is positioned in a very particular niche, that of the loans extended periods of time. This positioning is not new since this hotel was one of the first to propose the grouping of credits in France, and is also one of the greatest experts on the market of mortgage financing. It is the strength of this brand that is able to consolidate multiple loans in order to propose the final one, even when a real estate project is charged to the project, the guarantee by mortgage allows you to hedge risks, subject to the acceptance of the application by the service study of CFCAL.

A bank is relaunching the real estate loan in 35 years

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