A breach of protocol to bring Brigitte Macron her husband

Question protocol, it does. It is can be said that Stéphane Bern is a master of the etiquette and the rules of etiquette in force. Especially when they relate to those who govern us. Thus, in a long interview to the magazine Vanity Fair, the presenter of the program Secrets of the story, very close to the presidential couple, has delivered some confidences. And, in particular, revealed that the president did modify the protocol so that, during ceremonies or other events that require the presence of his wife, it is always sitting next to him. Proof, according to the presenter, that the couple intends to stay close, literally, on all occasions. The one who considers himself a friend of the first lady regularly meets with “Brigitte”, he explains. Face-to-face, but also by screen interposed, because Brigitte Macron never misses his show, Secrets of history.

In fact, he says to the magazine, his relationship with the couple Macron back to 2015. At the wheel of his car, the journalist’s lack literally crush Emmanuel Macron, minister of the economy. “I’ve apologized”, he adds, sheepish. “Macron (sic) said to me: my wife is a fan of your shows! Let’s see-we have dinner one night, give me your number”, he says. Indeed, a few days later, the journalist finds himself at a dinner party, around the couple Macron, in the company of Claire Chazal and Marc-Olivier Fogiel. Between the future first lady and Stéphane Bern, the thunderbolt friendly is immediate. “Between us, this was a blow to the heart. Brigitte is amazing, she is glam, solar, generous”, he explains. Stéphane Bern does not deprive tease Brigitte Macron, in particular on her outfits too short.“We know that you have beautiful legs, but with a 5 cm skirt, and it would be well also.” Not what to take the fly, quite the contrary. “It is you that I would have had to marry”, she answered.

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