United Nations chiefs say it was racist of MPs to mock the investigations into Britain

GRUMPY United Nations chiefs last night claimed it was racist to mock their special investigations into Britain and doing so helps Russian rogue Vladimir Putin.

The extraordinary blast came as the world body launched a two week probe into the effects of Brexit on British poverty – just months after their last report on our EU exit.

Theresa May has been criticised for describing lawyers chasing Forces vets as harassing the ‘bravest of the brave’

Similar works by meddling “UN Rapporteurs” sparked anger from Ministers and MPs, but now the UN have warned attacking their criticism is racist and gives succour to Russia.

And they published a list British politicians who have “undermined” the “international order” by attacking their work – including the Prime Minister.

They hammered Theresa May for describing tank chasing lawyers pursuing British vets as “activist, left wing human rights lawyers who harangue and harass the bravest of the brave”.

And they slammed ex-Deputy PM Damian Green for saying the UN was “patronising”, and criticised the Chancellor Philip Hammond for calling their findings “ridiculous”.

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Philip Hammond has been blasted after he labelled the UN’s findings ‘ridiculous’[/caption]

In an angry online rebuke they said: “Unfortunately, several recent visits to the UK by UN Special Rapporteurs have been marred by misleading, hostile and occasionally racist reportage.

“At times, this reporting appears to have been encouraged by members of Parliament and, on occasion, government ministers.”

Their diatribe went on: “Such language diminishes the United Kingdom in the eyes of the international community, and can also be used to legitimise the actions of rights violators and of the UK’s strategic rivals.

“Officials in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Russia have used statements of this sort to justify negative actions with respect to human rights in their own country.”

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Damian Green was deemed ‘patronising’ by the UN[/caption]

And they also attacked Tory MPs for “comments regarding the Rapporteur’s own origin” that are “frequently used to divert attention away from the purpose of the Rapporteurs’ visit and their findings.”

They pointed to Tory MP Philip Davies who rejected criticism from the UN in 2015, by saying a “lecture on human rights by somebody from Africa is staggering.”

He told the Kenyan delegate to “clear off back to his own continent to look at some of the grotesque abuses of human rights that take place on a daily basis led by people like Robert Mugabe.”

And former Tory MP Stewart Jackson was attacked for branding a 2014 investigator a “loopy Brazilian leftie with no evidence masquerading as a serious UN official”.

Tory MP Stewart Jackson called an investigator a ‘loopy Brazilian leftie’
Press Association

The UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights Philip Alston arrived for two week fact finding mission.

He will visit Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Jaywick in Essex, Glasgow, London, and Newcastle.

The UN said “he will particularly be looking at the rollout of Universal Credit, child poverty, and the implications on poverty of the UK leaving the EU.”


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