Unseen bodycam footage shows ‘killer’ cop Derek Chauvin say George Floyd was ‘going crazy’ moments after his death

AN audio recording of Derek Chauvin speaking to his supervisor moments after George Floyd died was played in the ex-cop’s murder trial for the first time.

Chauvin can be heard saying that Floyd was “going crazy” but did not tell his supervisor that he knelt on the man’s neck for an extended period of time.


Former Minneapolis Police Department Sergeant David Pleoger testified on Thursday[/caption]

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George Floyd died after an altercation with police in May 2020[/caption]

“I was just going to call you to come out to our scene,” Chauvin is heard saying in the recording, which was played in court on Thursday.

“We had to hold a guy down; he was going crazy, wouldn’t go in the back of the squad.”

Former Minneapolis Police Department Sergeant David Pleoger, who recently retired, testified in court on Thursday, explaining that Chauvin did not share the specific details of Floyd’s death at the time.

“I believe he told me he’d become combative,” he said. “He mentioned he’d injured either his nose or his mouth, and eventually having struggled with him.


Former cop Derek Chauvin is facing murder charges in Floyd’s death[/caption]


Surveillance footage shows Floyd with Morries Lester Hall inside a store before he was killed[/caption]

“He said he’d suffered a medical emergency and an ambulance was called.”

When prosecutor Steve Schleicher asked Pleoger if Chauvin should have stopped restraining Floyd, the former sergeant said, “Yes, [it should have ended] when Mr Floyd was no longer offering up any resistance.”

Pleoger was the last person to speak on day 4 of Chauvin’s murder trial in Minneapolis.

The jury also heard from paramedics who responded to the scene on May 25, 2020, Derek Smith and Seth Bravinder.

They told the court that they believed Floyd was dead when they arrived.

Floyd’s girlfriend, Courteney Ross, who had dated the victim for nearly three years before his death, also gave a tearful testimony on Thursday.

Ross spoke about how she and Floyd both struggled with drug addiction, and said that they had relapsed in March 2020.

She said they purchased drugs from Morries Lester Hall, who was sitting in the passenger seat of Floyd’s car as he was arrested.

He was also shown in surveillance footage inside the Cup Food store where Floyd was accused of using the counterfeit $20 bill that led to the arrest. 

Testimony will begin again on Friday morning.


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