‘Unusually deadly’ brain-eating bug hits Florida as docs confirm first new case of amoeba which kills 98% of victims

A CASE of a deadly brain-eating bug has been discovered in Florida.

The state’s health department announced Friday a patient in Hillsborough County had suffered a confirmed infection of naegleria fowleri – which only four out of 143 people have survived so far.

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Florida health officials put out a warning after the case was discovered[/caption]

The bug enters through the nose and attacks the brain

The tiny amoeba can be found in warm, fresh water and enters through the nose before attacking the brain.

“It is essential to seek medical attention right away, as the disease progresses rapidly after the start of symptoms,” the health department said.

Symptoms include headaches, fever, nausea, disorientation, vomiting, stiff neck, seizures, loss of balance or hallucinations.

The peak season for this amoeba is July, August and September as temperatures increase for long periods of time.

The amoeba is found in many freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers but is more common in Southern states, health officials said.

Florida has recorded 37 cases in the last 58 years since 1962.

Health officials recommend avoiding “water-related activities in bodies of warm freshwater, hot springs and thermally polluted water such as water around power plants”.

They also said you should avoid activities in warm freshwater “during periods of high water temperature and low water levels”.

They added: “Hold the nose shut or use nose clips when taking part in water-related activities in bodies of warm freshwater such as lakes, rivers, or hot springs,” and “avoid ‘digging in or stirring up the sediment while taking part in water-related activities in shallow, warm freshwater areas”.


The bug attacks the brain[/caption]

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Health officials said you should avoid swimming in warm, fresh water during prolonged periods of high temperatures[/caption]


It’s essential to seek medical help straight away, health bosses said[/caption]


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