Up to 150 autistic children could have been given sex change drugs despite not being transgender

DOZENS of autistic teens have been given  controversial “sex change” drugs despite fears they might not even be transgender.

Up to 150 British youngsters have been given puberty blocker drugs after being seen at Britain’s only clinic for transgender children at University College Hospital.


One third of those referred to London’s Tavistock Clinic have strong signs of autism[/caption]

The Mail on Sunday reports the drugs, which stop the body maturing,  are seen by many experts as the first step to changing sex.

The shocking figure is based on statistics in a report which shows one third of those referred to London’s Tavistock Clinic have strong signs of autism – compared to just one in 100 nationally.

Experts now fear autistic youngsters may end up having irreversible sex change treatment falsely believing they were born the ‘wrong’ sex.

Tory MP David Davies told the paper: “It would be an absolute scandal if, 20 years from now, we discovered a load of people who are not transgender at all had been stuck on to a medical pathway because NHS personnel were told not to challenge young people who said they were transgender.”


University College Hospital in London is Britain’s only NHS transgender clinic for children[/caption]

Puberty blockers prepare the ground for a sex change by making surgery physically easier for teenagers.

Upon turning 16, most of those on blockers are then given powerful ‘cross-sex’ hormones which alter their appearance.

Testosterone helps those born female put on muscle and gives them body hair, while oestrogen promotes the growth of breast tissue in those born male.

Autism expert Dr Sally Powis said: “If you know you’ve been different since you were a small child, there’s the possibility you consider it’s your gender that’s the issue, rather than autism.”

Psychotherapist Bob Withers, who has treated a number of transgender patients, added: “I think the Tavistock is under pressure because the trans lobby has become so dominant and powerful.”

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