Update your winter wardrobe with eco-friendly fashion from the High Street

IT is not easy being green – but it is becoming simpler keeping your wardrobe eco-friendly.

Sustainable clothing is one of the biggest trends of the new season and does not mean bigger price tags or everything made from itchy hemp. CLEMMIE FIELDSEND has styled up the High Street’s best ethically produced buys and explains their credentials.

H&M: Best for occasionwear

H&M CONSCIOUS launched in 2010 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The range is crammed full of trend-led pieces, with slightly bigger price tags than H&M’s regular clothes but well worth shelling out for
  • Cream blouse, £79.99, H&M Conscious – buy now
  • Skirt, £79.99, H&M Conscious – buy now
  • Boots, £119, H&M Conscious – buy now

Conscious products contain at least 50 per cent recycled materials, and the brand announced that this year 57 per cent of the fabrics used by the H&M group are recycled or sustainably sourced.

Some items in the Conscious collection are so innovative that the fabrics are even made from orange peel or pineapple. H&M hope to be 100 per cent sustainable by 2030.

F&F at Tesco: Best for denims

THIS was the first UK supermarket range to support the Better Cotton Initiative, in 2016.

This denim jumpsuit is as versatile as it is on-trend – a great staple
  • Denim jumpsuit, £28, F&F at Tesco – buy now
  • Camel jumper, £12, F&F at Tesco – buy now
  • Black boots, £30, F&F at Tesco – buy now

At least half the cotton used in all its clothing, including women’s, men’s, kids and baby, is sustainable. But the brand’s biggest change has been its denim.

The range has been 100 per cent responsibly sourced since 2016. F&F also uses Jeanologia – a firm producing materials that use less water, energy and chemicals in their dyes.

Zara: Best for trend seekers

TWENTY per cent of Zara’s clothing has the Join Life label – which identifies pieces that are made using either organic cotton or recycled fibres, save water or reduce carbon emissions.

The brand has not sacrificed style for sustainability – the pieces are bang on trend
  • Cream denim jacket, £29.99, Join Life Zara – buy now
  • Skirt, £25.99, Join Life Zara – buy now
  • White shoes, £55.99, Join Life Zara – buy now

Zara use fabrics such as Refibra, which combines sustainable raw materials with scraps left from cotton manufacture, and Lyocell, which uses fibres made from pulp derived from wood.

Both of these make Zara’s cottons, its denims, strong, soft and versatile.

Debenhams: Best for winter must-haves

DEBENHAMS has released its first eco-friendly collection, in collaboration with Graduate Fashion Week designer Kate MacMahon.

The vibrant collection draws inspiration from nature with wild prints and cosy coats that we can’t wait to wrap up in
  • Navy coat, £150, Kate MacMahon at Debenhams – buy now
  • Orange top, £29, Kate MacMahon at Debenhams – buy now
  • Blue printed skirt, £59, Kate MacMahon at Debenhams – buy now
  • Bag, £39, Debenhams – buy now
  • Burgundy boots, £59, Debenhams – buy now

Each of the 12 pieces from the range contains a minimum of 50 per cent sustainable fibres – ranging from organic cotton fabrics to this navy puffer coat being made of recycled plastic bottles.

M&S: Best for everyday essentials

ALL cotton M&S uses in its clothes is sustainably sourced – they have given farmers skills to use water more efficiently, cut down on chemicals and boost their own profits.

Stores also have Shwop bins where customers can drop off old clothing, to be donated to Oxfam
  • Navy trench coat, £89, Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton – buy now
  • Pink blouse, £35, Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton – buy now
  • Jeans, £29.50, Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton – buy now
  • Bag, £35, Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton – buy now
  • Trainers, £45, Marks & Spencer – buy now

These products range across every department. You can pick up a T-shirt or coat and be doing your bit for the environment.

M&S launched its award-winning Plan A scheme in 2007 and has looked at everything from clothing production, and stopping landfill waste, to ethical trading.


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