US election 2020 latest news: Biden tries to ‘clarify’ black ‘diversity’ comment after Trump’s criticism – LIVE updates

Following months of primaries, polling, virtual press conferences and a pandemic, the 2020 presidential election is almost here.

Democrat Joe Biden leads in most polls – but so did Hillary Clinton in 2016 before Donald Trump swept to victory and into the White House.

Republicans are hoping their man can pull off another dramatic win, while Democrats are looking to the former VP to make Trump a one-term president and turn Congress blue.

The coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests have added to the uncertainty of a political race that sharply divides the country.

We’ll be with you for the next 100 days and beyond, through the daily ups and down, the debates, and the election day itself to see who will walk into the Oval Office in February 2021 as US president.

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